On the Go?

Snack Healthier! Try Our Individually Wrapped Dark Chocolates

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Curb “On the Go” Cravings

Cravings don’t stop because we are busy or on the go, and this fact can make it next to impossible to snack in a healthy way. After all, most of us don’t carry around fruits and vegetables in our purse or back pocket! As a result, we often end up making choices that just aren’t good for us.

ChocoLeans Are Really Easy To Take With You

Because they are small, individually wrapped and weigh only 12 grams, ChocoLeans can go anywhere. You can conveniently keep them at your desk at work, in your car, by your night stand or just about anywhere you might have cravings or hunger pangs. For optimal results, just have one about 15 minutes before those hunger pangs strike.

A Healthy Snack On The Go

They’re also sugar free, have only 56 calories, and stand alone as a delicious dark chocolate healthy snack on the go.

Our customers love the fact that ChocoLeans are always ready whenever hunger pangs strike! We offer two fully guaranteed monthly options that will allow you to have just the right amount of ChocoLeans on hand whenever and wherever you need them.

Ready To Stop Pangs?
Plans Start at 49.95 Per Month with 9.95 Flat Rate Shipping
On the Go?