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Reducing your calories comes down to feeling satiated. ChocoLeans conveniently provide this satiety effect in a delicious way that chocolate lovers will appreciate. Just eat one piece 15 to 30 minutes before a meal, and you will significantly reduce your caloric intake.

The Satiety Effect

“Satiety” means that you feel full or satisfied. When you take advantage of the “satiety effect”, it can completely transform the way you eat. ChocoLeans were designed to achieve this goal in a sugar free and tasty way that chocolate lovers will appreciate.

Eating Light

Whether you need to cut a lot of calories every day or just need assistance avoiding the bad calories (such as chips, hot dogs, cheesecakes or processed foods loaded with chemicals, pesticides and artificial ingredients), ChocoLeans can help. Cutting calories and eating light portions might seem tough until you put the satiety effect into action.

Do you ever get up from the dinner table wishing that you had eaten a lighter portion? Eating just one delicious piece of sugar free dark chocolate ChocoLeans shortly before a meal will diminish your appetite and encourage you to consume fewer calories. You’ll end up eating light and walking away from each meal feeling satisfied.

Skipping Meals Is Not the Answer

ChocoLeans are not designed to replace meals. Instead our chocolates use the satiety effect to help you eat less at each and every meal. Eating light is the goal.

Diminish Appetite

Eating light isn’t always easy, as cravings can come both day and night and at inconvenient times. It’s common for health conscious individuals to feel frustrated when they find they can’t resist reaching for foods that are high in calories, unhealthy fats, chemicals and preservatives. But if you feel sated, you’ll be far less likely to snack between meals. When combined with minimized cravings and appetite that our Dark Chocolates offer, you will make healthier food choices that benefit your body.

Diminish Food Cravings

ChocoLeans allow you to diminish your food cravings, especially your sweet cravings, anytime and anywhere. They are convenient, individually wrapped, 12 gram dark chocolates that can be taken anywhere. ChocoLeans are also sugar free and have all the diverse health benefits of dark chocolate.

Make Healthier Food Choices

If you feel satisfied you will eat fewer calories and make better food choices, as you will not be controlled by your appetite and cravings. ChocoLeans is a tasty way to reach your nutrition goals and make this happen.

Key ChocoLeans Benefits

  • Provides a satiety effect so you can eat less and feel full
  • Diminishes your appetite so you don’t yearn and desire food
  • Reduces your cravings for specific foods
  • Minimizes or even eliminates your unhealthy snacking
  • Encourages healthier food choices
  • Individually wrapped, ChocoLeans can go anywhere
  • Sugar free
  • Dark chocolate is naturally high in antioxidants

We conveniently send our customers enough dark chocolates for 1 per day or 2 per day each month. Our plans allow you to take your daily nutrition to a much healthier level and are backed up by our ChocoLeans 30-day money back guarantee.

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